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Simple Radio app on Amazon's echo...

Simple Radio now available on Amazon Echo

At Streema we want to people to easily access great audio content and that's why we are taking Simple Radio to every device on every platform. We are happy to share that Simple Radio is now available on Amazon Echo, so go ahead and check it out. How do you enable Simple Radio on your Echo? The first step is to say: "Alexa, enable Simple Radio skill" or in the store. Once you enable Simple Radio, can ask Alexa to play any station by just saying: -"Alexa, ask Simple Radio to play BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS DOT COM" -"Alexa, tell Simple Radio to play BBC Music" -"Alexa, tell Simple Radio to tune in NPR" Also, it's easy to play the last station you listened to by just saying "Alexa, talk to Simple Radio" and Alexa will ask you if you want to resume. At Streema we strive to go where people want to go and we firmly believe voice-activated platforms are the future of audio listening - they provide a simple way to seamlessly integrate into someone’s life, without friction, and we want your favorite radio station to make it there. Stay tuned! The Streema Team.

Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch- Torch for Soldering- Plumbing- Big Refillable Butane Torch- Jewelry…


Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch- Torch for Soldering- Plumbing- 
Big Refillable Butane Torch- Jewelry-

Torch for Home and Kitchen-Adjustable Flame-Security Lock (Gray)...
✔ PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR FRIENDLY This high quality torch can give the results that a true professional requires, but it’s so comfortable and easy to manage that an amateur user can handle it without a problem. 
✔ HAND CRAFT ACTIVITIES. Soldering, plumbing, arts and craft, awesome dishes, possibilities are endless once you start exploring! It’s time to enjoy creating beautiful pieces of masterwork and have an amazing time!

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